Who are we ?

Le Petit Paris

The Cap Bon Modern Canned –Food Company « COMOCAP » founded by the late Haj Ali Obay ,on May, 18th, 1961, aimed at providing further prospects and ensuring industrial opportunities for a local farming production that was both abundant and adequate.

The activity of COMOCAP is mainly focused on of the production of a double concentrate of tomato paste and red chilly paste called Harissa .

COMOCAP, which used to boast a processing capacity of 40 tons of fresh tomatoes per day, upon its establishment , has witnessed several efforts of extension that have been crowned by an upgrading of its processing capacities, nowadays, and that are estimated to 3000 tons of fresh tomatoes , per day, and to 120 tons of fresh red pepper, per day , i.e. 10 % of the total processing capacities of this sector.

The annual production amounts to 13000 tons of double concentrate of tomato paste (28°-30°) and to 1500 tons of HARISSA (14°).

Some 10 to 15 % of this production is geared towards exports.

Currently, and ever its adhesion to the National upgrading Program ,COMOCAP, that is fully aware of the global challenges and the tough international competition , has decided to embark on Quality –Enhancement to be awarded the ISO certifications 9001/V2008, in terms of ISO22000/ V 2005 and ISO 14001.

Considered as more than an industrial company, COMOCAP constitutes, for the entire region, a genuine economic pole that if in full harmony with its socio – cultural environment.